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THE MICROLINE -   Medical and Scientific Material, Lda , was founded in 2005 and arose due to the need to provide answers and technical-scientific support to growing requests in the various areas of health, industry, environment, science and research.


The MICROLINE team grew organically with the pace of its implementation in the market, with its leadership being recognized by its peers for its ability to execute projects, face global challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic period, conquer strategic positions international partnership and successfully carry out equipment and medicine supply projects.


We are proud to be able to say that our participation and presence in different regions of the world, especially in Europe, Portuguese-speaking countries, Brazil and Continental Africa has led to the elevation of our team of employees and the growing competence of our network of partnerships. strategic.

MICROLINE continues to be involved in a set of multisectoral projects, some already completed and others in the implementation phase, namely, “turnkey” laboratory projects, in the various areas of health, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries, as well as , in the Environment, Quality Control, Science and Research sectors.



MICROLINE proposes to achieve its mission by leveraging a set of clearly defined synergies and strategies, always based on our fundamental values of efficient, competitive, ethical and innovative action, aiming to provide the services provided with continuous improvement, increasing customer satisfaction customers, partners and sector operators.




Over its almost 20 years of existence, MICROLINE has been recognized with several awards that attest to the company's excellence and commitment to innovation and quality. These awards highlight our commitment to providing world-class healthcare solutions and reflect recognition of our dedication by customers and the medical community. We are proud of these distinctions, which motivate us to continue our mission of constantly improving healthcare and patient well-being.

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