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MICROLINE is a company specialized in providing a wide range of services for the healthcare sector, always aiming for excellence and customer satisfaction. Discover the services we have to offer:

  • Installation and Maintenance of Medical-Hospital Equipment: We ensure the correct installation and maintenance of medical-hospital equipment, guaranteeing its proper functioning and extending its useful life.

  • Health Project Financing and Training: We offer financing solutions tailored to the needs of health projects, along with specialized training programs.

  • Consultancy, Design and Laboratory Project: Count on our expertise to create efficient and functional laboratories, from planning to implementation.

  • Clinic Design and Projects: We develop personalized projects for clinics, ensuring adequate and functional spaces for your medical services.

  • Medical Oxygen Integration Projects: We implement integrated medical oxygen systems, ensuring a safe and effective supply for patients' needs.

  • Validation of Laminar Airflow Chambers and Cleanrooms: We ensure the compliance and effectiveness of your installations with rigorous validation services.

  • Hospital Management Consulting: We assist in the efficient management of hospitals, optimizing processes and resources to improve the performance and quality of services.

  • Design and Production of HVAC Systems: We develop customized HVAC systems to ensure comfort and safety in medical facilities.

  • Management and Optimization of Supply of Medical Consumables and Reagents: We ensure efficient management of the supply of medical consumables, guaranteeing the availability of the necessary resources.

  • Automation of Medicine Storage Processes: We implement automation systems to ensure safety and accuracy in medicine storage.

  • Assessment and Optimization of Hospital and Clinic Management and Operation Protocols: We analyze and optimize management and operation protocols to improve the efficiency and quality of services provided.

  • Assessment and Optimization of Laboratory Procedures: We guarantee the effectiveness and precision of laboratory procedures through the analysis and optimization of processes.

At MICROLINE , we are committed to offering complete and personalized solutions to meet the specific needs of your healthcare business. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your institution achieve its goals.

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